It is true that all women don’t have to be feminine. This article isn’t for those who feel don’t feel a need to be feminine. In this article, we will dive in on the essence of being feminine and why it’s important. A true feminine woman understands the perks of exhibiting her feminine traits. She understands her feminine energy can change the world around her. A true feminine woman understands being feminine is her secret weapon. Feminine women RUN. THE. WORLD. 

If you want the secret to being a powerful woman, keep reading. You’re in for a treat! 

Femininity energy comes natural for some women. Women need to understand femininity is your super power. In today’s society, women are becoming less feminine. 

Femininity inspires men to be masculine.

Femininity is kindness, grace, sexuality without being too sexual, it’s subtle subduction. Feminine qualities are being a quality wife, mother to your children, and friend. It’s being kind, soft, allure, mystery, wholesome, dainty, and the list goes on. Femininity is the opposite of masculinity. 

In the future, I will share how to spot a good masculine men. Today, we’re stick to not being a masculine woman to attract your masculine man.

  1. You curse excessively. Cursing is a part of your every sentence and you can’t express yourself without a word slipping out every 2 sentences.  A foul mouth is unattractive. It’s unfeminine, unladylike and definitely unappealing to men and all professionals for that matter. Excessive cursing is tasteless and an embarrassment.
  2. You’re easily confrontational. If you find yourself, always yelling, screaming and ready to curse someone out, you’re definitely exhibiting a masculine trait. Confrontational women have nasty speaking voices. Having an attitude isn’t cute or feminine. It screams, hard, tough and all things masculine. 
  3. You often look unkempt at home and in public. Neglecting to keep yourself up is very masculine. The reality is men are visual creatures. Men appreciate a beautiful feminine woman. Women comfortable wearing baggy clothing, paint chipped nails, unclean hair, strongly exposed artificial hair, bad breath, will appear masculine. Men notice all of this. Feminine women are clean and allergic to unkempt things. 
  4. You don’t like to be vulnerable. If you’re uncomfortable with men opening doors, assisting you with becoming a better woman, or you like to boastfully call yourself “Miss Independent”, you are definitely exerting masculine traits. The words of Steve Harvey, “Men love to provide, protect and profess their love.” Masculine men like to feel needed. If you’re taking that away from him, you’re appearing to be a masculine woman. If you are uncomfortable saying you want a man, you’re exerting masculine energy.
  5. You hate the term submission. You can’t be feminine if you don’t understand how to be submissive to a good man. Men are born to lead. Women turned off by the art of submission, are definitely exerting masculine traits. Masculine women feel controlled, oppressed, dictated, and/or dominated by submitting Masculine women engage in power struggles with men. Femininine women understand this and are receptive.

Thoughts? What would you add to the list of feminine qualities. Share below.

Are you desiring to be a better version of yourself. If so, Lady University is definitely the lifestyle brand for you. Our mission to be create a lifestyle of becoming more ladylike. It’s a lifetime journey that never ends. The beauty of life is living to become a better you. It starts with focus. 

Classy. Elegant. Sophisticated. This describes a ladylike and well-mannered woman. These key elements creates a dynamic amongst women that are highly respected and desired. 

Three Areas to Becoming A More Classy Woman: 

1. Attitude | Social Behavior | Demeanor 
2. Manners and Etiquette
3. Appearance

People easily will judge (people judge whether you like it or not) a classy woman by one of these attributes listed above. A classy woman is viewed by what she wears, how she carries herself and how we interact with others. Here’s a breakdown to better understand each area. 

1. Attitude | Social Behavior | Demeanor

This area is very important. As the saying goes it’s important to be “beautiful inside and out.” Your attitude on life can dictate your lifestyle as a classy woman. It doesn’t matter what circumstance you’re in, being positive and up-beat will always shine. Stay gracious as Beyonce states, and others will easily be drawn to you. Being kind is always the key to be classy. Always view the glass half full versus half empty. People are drawn to happy, soft and warm women. Act like a lady isn’t just in your actions but your frame of mind. Be yourself, respectful to others and remain reliable. Have strong morals and values and never sacrifice them for anyone. If you’re constantly having to change yourself when around certain people, this indicated you either need to grow as a person to be a better version or change your environment. 

Things classy women don’t do: 

  1. Yell
  2. Raise your voice
  3. Curse

Classy women are polite and respectful of others. They have manners and friendly body language. Be mindful of what your body language may be conveying. 

2. Manners and Etiquette- Etiquette isn’t something you particularly learn in a class. It’s a lifestyle that comes as a package. Some naturally have good etiquette skills, while others may have to learn by reading books. 

3. Appearance- This is a big one. Unfortunately, you are more respected by your attire. Always make your first impression, your best. Your posture plays a role in appearance as well. Don’t skip the gym. Take care of your body. Appearance also is how you present yourself online and on social media. Be yourself. Don’t over do your makeup. This may flock some feathers but it has never in history be deemed classy to be naked showing boobs or butt on social media. If you aren’t comfortable in heels, don’t wear them. 

There is so much with being a classy woman. No one is perfect or the ideal classy woman. It’s really about striving to evolve as the woman you want to be. If there’s anything I missed, share below in the comments. Love to hear your feedback.